Kaksi yhdessä - Two in one


Able Art Group

ABLE ART GROUP ­ a group of integrated dance in Joensuu, Finland


Able Art Group is an integrated dance and art group which started practicing in the beginning of

2014 in Joensuu, Finland. Dance artist Minni Hirvonen is the convoker, artistic leader and

choreographer of the group.

Able Art Group is going to carry out an environmentally conscious production. It will discuss

climate change by combining movement, drama, sound, and visual aspects, and it celebrates the

beauty of nature. This production will be a pilot for a new kind of cooperation.

The work of Able Art Group is part of a larger environmentally conscious production. The first part,

Miss Katastrofi & metaaniröyhtäys (Miss Catastrophe and the Methane Burp) was performed at

Vimma festival of modern dance in spring 2014 in Joensuu. Able Art Group will produce a piece

called Gridlock & Flood. The budget of this production is 25 050 €.

The group's associates are Pohjois­Karjalan CP­yhdistys ry (the CP association of North Carelia),

Pohjois­Karjalan Tanssitaiteen tuki ry and some freelance artists. The group was recently granted

a national recognition called Vuoden toimija from Tukilinja.

The goals

This pilot project of integrated dance aims for a wider recognition and acknowledgement of this art

form. Another goal is to inspire other associations for people with disabilities to join artistic


Able Art Group's production Gridlock & Flood aims for creating integrated art professionally. Also

one of the goals of the production is to eliminate prejudice and misconceptions towards disability

and disease. The production will show the enriching effect this kind of cooperation has on

people's lives. Everyone among the performers as well as the audience can experience

something new and meaningful.

The team

The core of the group consists of active members of local associations for people with physical

disabilities. They have been dancing together for a while i.a. in a wheelchair dance group

organised by the Community college of Joensuu area.

The team working on Gridlock & Flood consists of culture enthusiasts, professional artists and an

assistance dog. The 10 amateur dancers in Able Art Group are from very different backgrounds.

Some of them have physical, intellectual, or sensory disabilities or neurological diseases; some of

them don't. Every group member's story is included in the final production in small pieces and

reflections, and everyone has an important role as a part of the team. (The attachment contains

personal descriptions of the group members.)

Dancers & performers: Mika Kinnunen, Iiris Brocke, Riitta Pesonen, Arja Pappinen, Minna

Sinkkonen, Ilona Suojama, Annika Väisänen, Raimo Ruttonen, Elsa Laakkonen, Lidia Catalano,

Karoliina Turkka and canine Maikki­dog.